Horizon’s Department of Community Services provides needed Social Services to the residents of Hudson County. Through the Department of Community Services Horizon participates in community based activities and events, bringing our services into schools, agencies and local organizations.

We understand that in addition to having physical health concerns, our consumers also have psycho social needs that must be met. We are dedicated to improving the health outcomes of our consumers by helping them to maintain their sense of self-sufficiency, by strengthening families and thereby strengthening neighborhoods and communities.

For more information please contact Tracie at 201-710-2203 or email tmeyers@horizonhealth.org

  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

    New Jersey WIC Services provides supplemental nutritious foods to pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, infants and children up to the age of five.

    WIC services include nutrition education and counseling, breastfeeding promotion and support, immunization screening and health care referrals.

    In furthering services to our patients, a representative from WIC is available at our Bergen Ave Office on Mondays from 8:30am-10:30am. No appointment is needed. When meeting with the representative, please bring the following items:

    • Proof of Income
    • Proof of Address
    • Photo ID
    • Presumptive Eligibility Form (Medicaid Application)
    • Insurance Card (Private or Public)
    • WIC Exam Forms

    Hudson County WIC can also be reached at:
    384 Martin Luther King Drive
    Jersey City, NJ 07305
    This office is by appointment only please.

    Visit NJ Department of Health’s website for information on NJ State WIC


    You may also visit the US Department of Agriculture website for Federal WIC program information.


  • Family Success Center

    The Horizon Family Success Centers is a “one-stop” shop that provides wrap-around resources and support for families raising children in Jersey City, before they find themselves in crisis. We are a family-centered neighborhood gathering place where any community resident can come for family support, information, and services. We aim to enrich the lives of children and adults by making families and neighborhoods stronger by helping and empowering all families to succeed.

    Go to the Family Success Center Page
  • Prevention Services

    Horizon Health Center has been on the forefront of providing prevention services to adolescents and adults throughout Hudson County. Our Outreach staff and Community Liaisons provide workshops and evidence based programming wherever there is a recognized need. We have presented in schools, senior centers, health fairs, youth programs and houses of worship.

    Our programming identifies and addresses the at risk behaviors of the participants and educates them on reducing their risks of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and Hepatitis C; as well as pregnancy prevention and Family Planning.

    For more information or to request our services be brought to your agency or organization please call: 201-451-6300 x 2419 or email dshaw@horizonhealth.org.

  • Rapid HIV Testing and Counseling

    Horizon Health Center has been providing free and confidential, rapid HIV testing for over a decade.  No appointment is necessary.

    The rapid HIV test allows you to receive your results in minutes rather than days. Because it doesn’t require a second trip to a provider to receive results, the rapid HIV test helps ensure that people who go for testing learn their HIV status on the same visit.

    What to expect:

    Your fingertip is cleaned with alcohol and pricked with a lancet (needle) to get a small drop of blood. Results of the test can be read in as little as 20 minutes.  The FDA approved rapid HIV test is a screening test for HIV. If the test is negative, you don’t need to get further testing. Like all HIV screening tests, if the rapid test yields a positive, you’ll need to get another test to confirm the result.  All positive consumers are immediately linked with case management and healthcare services, providing a system of support and care to help ensure our patients achieve maximum health outcomes.

    All who come in for Rapid HIV testing also receive prevention counseling and risk reduction services.  Free condoms are available to all.  Consumers can also be referred to a Horizon healthcare provider to be assessed for PrEP upon request.

    Our Rapid HIV Testing Services can also be brought to your location.  We have provided testing at health fairs, workshops, and related events.

    Location and Hours of Operation:

    Horizon Health Center
    714 Bergen Ave
    Jersey City, NJ 07306
    Monday-Friday 10:00a-6:00p
    Horizon Health Center
    115 Christopher Columbus Dr
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
    Monday-Friday 8:30a-4:30p

    Contact Dorothy for more information or to schedule an event at 201-451-6300 x 2419 or email dshaw@horizonhealth.org

  • HIV/HCV Focus Program

    Horizon Health Center provides free HIV/Hepatitis C testing.  The test is done through a blood draw by our in house laboratory.  Participants who are found to be positive for HIV and/or Hepatitis C are linked immediately with a Horizon case manager and healthcare provider.

    Appointments are not necessary for testing and can be done at either of our Horizon locations.  Participants are provided education and counseling concerning risk reduction, disease facts, and treatment options.  Condoms are available free of charge.

    We are able to provide community based testing for interested groups and organizations.  Please contact Tracie for more information: 201-710-2203 or tmeyers@horizonhealth.org.

    Location and Hours of Operation:

    Horizon Health Center
    714 Bergen Ave
    Jersey City, NJ 07306
    Monday-Friday 10:00a-6:00p
    Horizon Health Center
    115 Christopher Columbus Dr
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
    Mon, Wed & Fri 9:30a-5:00p
    Tues & Thurs 11:00a-7:00p
  • Ryan White Services

    Horizon has offered HIV/AIDS services to the people of Jersey City and Hudson County since 1986.  Committed to a holistic approach in offering comprehensive services to address the complex needs of clients, Horizon strives to empower clients to make positive and healthy life choices while maintaining their dignity.

    Through the Ryan White program, patients who are HIV positive are able to receive medical case management and related healthcare services regardless of their ability to pay.  HIV case managers assess client needs and design individualized client-centered service plans to mitigate crisis situations and stabilize individuals and families in the HIV care system.  Medical Case Management assists patients with concerns involving housing, access to medication, treatment adherence as well as access to related services.

    Although Ryan White participants must reside within Hudson County, Horizon is committed to providing all HIV positive patients with integrated support services to maximize their health.

    For more information please contact David at 201-451-6300 x2428 or email dperez@horizonhealth.org.



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