Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Patient of Horizon Health Center

You are Responsible:

  • To keep appointments or call to reschedule
  • To respect the personal rights and private property of other clients and staff
  • To be honest with the information you give us
  • To follow instructions
  • To pay bills promptly so we can continue to help you
  • To ask questions, and to inform us promptly if there are any changes in health, allergies and home information
  • To work with your Medical Home Team and actively participate in your wellness by communication, taking advice of the medical team and medications if applicable.
  • To be honest with all members of your team about challenges that will prevent you maximize your health so that together we can overcome those hurdles

You have a Right:

  • To considerate and respectful quality care
  • To a reasonable response to your requests for treatment, within the scope of the health center’s mission, capacity, and regulations
  • To confidential treatment. You also have the right to approve or disapprove the release of any disclosures or records, except when release is required by law
  • To understand why certain procedures and tests are required, and why we request certain information
  • To discuss with your clinician any questions or problems about your medical care
  • To prompt and effective pain management, and to be informed by staff about available measures
  • To be informed of your current medical; condition unless medically contraindicated (as documented by a physician in your chart)
  • To be informed of available treatment options
  • To access any information contained in your medical record
  • The responsibility to participate in decisions about the intensity and scope of your treatment, within the limits of the health center’s mission, and applicable laws
  • To accept medical care, or to refuse treatment, to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the medical consequences of refusing treatment
  • To care which takes into consideration your psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural values
  • To express grievances to our staff and governing authority, and to recommend change in policies and procedures
  • To participate in the consideration of ethical issues that arise in your care
  • To be free from mental and physical abuse, free from exploitation, and free from chemical, physical and other types of restraints
  • To join with other clients or individuals to work for improvements in client care
  • Your guardian, next of kin, or legally authorized responsible person can exercise your rights for you if you have been medically or legally determined to be unable to participate yourself
  • To excise civil and religious liberties, including the right to independent decisions
  • To not be discriminated against because of age, race, religion, nationality, sex or ability to pay
  • To be informed of any research or experimentation which could affect your care. You may then decide whether or not you want to participate in it
  • Be made aware of advanced directives, and to know how this organization will respond to such advance directives
  • To not be deprived of any constitutional, civil and/or legal rights solely because of receiving services from this facility
  • To be informed of the name and professional status of health care professional, and of fees and related charges
  • To be informed of these rights as evidenced by written acknowledgement or staff documentation in the medical record, and offered a written copy of the rights statements
  • To not be required to perform work for the facility unless the work is part of the patient’s treatment and is performed voluntarily by the patient


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