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2008, Horizon Health Center embarked on a mission to transfer its work processes from a system that is paper-based to one that is completely digital, otherwise known as an Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Going digital was a massive transformation for the health center but the long term benefits were substantial. Now, a few years later, Horizon Health Center is widely recognized by industry experts as an innovator in implementing technology to enhance its services.

Horizon’s EHR allows the health center to accomplish significantly more with significantly less. All schedules, patient interactions, patient histories, labs, billing, pharmaceuticals, and referrals are now managed electronically.

For patients, the implementation of an EHR has a tremendous impact on your healthcare, namely:

  • Better access: all Horizon Health Center locations have access to patient information so your information is easily shared and exchanged at different sites
  • Population management: Horizon can evaluate its treatment of all patients based on metrics for both the overall population and specific individuals
  • Evidence-based care: Horizon can easily track your health progress in the system
  • Pharmacy: Horizon can e-prescribe medications through the system for efficient prescribing
  • Sharing: Horizon’s EHR can efficiently interface with Health Information Exchanges (HIE) to securely share information with other providers throughout New Jersey

Healthcare is changing at a rapid pace and these changes require health leaders to make difficult choices. Investing in the future means investing in technology and meaningfully using it to effectively deliver care to patients and the community. At Horizon Health Center, we are committed to innovation in healthcare and leveraging this technology to serve you better.


More About EHR:

Horizon’s EHR is eclinicalworks. You can learn more about EHRs and how health centers are utilizing them by visiting these sites:







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